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Traditional stone cottage in Istria with bikes.
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Rita 1
GIRANDELLA  Sobe - Girindella 3
Hotel Dujam, apartman

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Traffic and road conditions
Traffic and road conditions - 23 April 2014 The roads are wet and slippery in the eastern and southern parts. Expect rock and land sliding on the D8 Adriatic road and in the mountain areas! Drivers are invited to keep distance and to adjust the driving speed to road conditions. Difficulties are expected in roadwork areas. In Učka tunnel in Istria traffic flows alternatly, over one road lane, every night between 10pm and 6am till 26/27 April. One road lane is free: - on the A1 motorway 7th-8th km in direction Rijeka, at the 48th km in direction Zagreb, 117th-119th km in direction Split, in Plasina tunnel (148th-151st km) in each direction, in Mala Kapela tunnel till 30 April, in Grič tunnel (155th-157th km) in each direction till 15 May, at Bristovac tunnel (231st-232nd km) between Sveti Rok tunnel and Zadar 2 junction in direction Split, in Bristovac tunnel in direction Zagreb (234th-232nd km), in Mali Prolog tunnel in direction Zagreb, 442nd-445th km in both directions, - on the A2 Zagreb-Macelj motorway at Jankomir junction, 6th-7th km in direction Macelj, - on the A3 Bregana-Lipovac motorway at Zagreb istok paytoll, 41st-42nd km in direction Lipovac, 45th-41st km in direction Bregana, 115th-116th km in direction Lipovac, - on the A6 Rijeka-Zagreb motorway 8th-9th km in direction Rijeka, 10th-9th km in direction Zagreb, at Zalesina viaduct (34th-37th km) till 13 June, at Bukovo viaduct in direction Rijeka, in Hrasten tunnel in direction Zagreb, - on Rijeka detour road between Rujevica and Diračje junctions in direction Rupa. Roadworks are also in progress: - on the D2 Osijek detour road between Čepinska junction and Vinkovačka viaduct - traffic is closed; - on the D38 Pakrac-Požega state road - traffic is occasionally suspended 8am-6pm 22-30 April, except at the weekend; - on the D46 Đakovo-Tovarnik border crossing state road - traffic is suspended on the part Novi Jankovci-Stari Jankovci; - on the D57 Vukovar-Orolik state road - traffic is closed till 30 April; - on the D307 Gornja Stubica-Marija Bistrica at the place Banšćica - all traffic is suspended (detour: ŽC224 Gornja Stubica-Laz Bistrički for traffic up to 10 tonnes, D24 Hum Zabočki-Zlatar Bistrica-D29-Marija Bistrica for traffic above 10 tonnes); - in Istria on the D75 state road through Umag, till 17 April; - in Istria on the D75 Špadići-La Coop state road - traffic is closed till 1 June, detour: Špadići, Materada, Mali Maj, Veli Maj; - in Istria at Labin till 10 June; - in Istria on the D200 state road at Buje till 15 June; - on Krk bridge - one lane is free and the driving speed has to be reduced to 30 km/h; - on the island of Rab - on the D105 state road between Supetarska Draga and Rab; - on the D3 state road between Skrad and Kupjak - one lane is free only; - on the D50 Otočac-Perušić state road - traffic is closed till 1 October, detour: A1 motorway between Otočac and Perušić junctions or over Korenica; - on the part of the D1 Gračac-Knin state road at the place Zrmanja 8am-5pm; - on the part of the D1 Korenica-Debelo Brdo state road till 1 September; - on the section of the D25 Bunić-Ljubovo state road till 18 July; - on the D8 Adriatic road at Sukošan and at Drage; - on the D59 state road Bribirske Mostine-Krković (Šibenik area) - one road lane is free only due to road damage; - on the section of the D1 Solin-Klis highway; - on the D512 Makarska-Ravča state road at the place Stupica - traffic is suspended till 1 June, detour: Makarska-Dubci-Šestanovac-Ravča, Makarska-Ploče-Puljani-Kobiljača-Mali Prolog-Vrgorac or Sveti Ilija tunnel/A1 motorway Ploče-Ravča; - on the D8 Adriatic road between Živogošće and Ploče; - on the D8 Adriatic road at Zaostrog; - on the D8 Adriatic road at Duće near Omiš - one lane is free due to rock sliding danger; - on the D9 Metković-Opuzen state road till 18 September; - on the D425 Ploče-Karamatići in Kobiljača tunnel in direction Dubrovnik; - on the D8 Adriatic road at Soline, till 30 April 7am-5pm; - on the D8 Adriatic road between Slano and Trsteno. Tisno bridge on Murter island (D121 state road) closes for traffic for 30 minutes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9am till 15 May 2014.

Border crossings - Ilok border crossing (eastern part of Croatia) is closed for freight traffic due to roadworks till 10 June, Kamensko border crossing (southern part of Croatia) till 31 May (detour: Vinjani Donji border crossing).

Ferry traffic - Ferries operate regularly.